Connectors, Mavens + Salespeople: Your Starter Kit For Influencer Marketing

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How and where we find new products and brands to love has changed dramatically over the past years. Bygone are the days when glossies and print publications were the authority on style, travel and better living. Influencers - individuals with a strong social media following - now command an upwards of $100k per post on Instagram - and marketers agree that the traffic from some influencer placements are so powerful that they almost defy calculation. While you not be in the market for a $250k post with Kim K, influencers are relevant to your business and should be part of your marketing plan. Here’s everything you need to get started!


Your social media list

You may have heard of a media list - but what about a social media list? A social media list is a list of influencers on social media that can be stored in your CRM, a database like Airtable, or an email marketing platform like Mailchimp. To find your local influencers, tune into your local #tags and locations to get a sense of who’s top dog. Local #tags - like #phillyblogger or #philadelphiablogger - are great for connecting with active, local influencers. When you find a new influencer post, click the bookmark icon in the lower right-hand corner to add the post to one of your collections. Be sure to make a collection JUST for your influencers so you can easily circle back later! Someone’s post really resonate with you? Tell them in the comments and via a direct message!


The elevator pitch

Now that you’ve found your influencers, it’s time to focus in on a few, and pitch them on your business! Reach out to your strongest influencers, and invite them to your business or offer to send them one of your products. This outreach should include some core information about your business, and your social media reach if that’s a selling point. Be up front with them about your intentions and expectations - specifically, that you’d love to give them a product or service in exchange for a social media write up!


Closing the deal

Once you’ve developed a rapport with one of your influencers, it’s time to collaborate and define your shared vision for how their experience is shared on social media! For smaller, less expensive items or (for example) free attendance at an event, your arrangement can be less formal. However, for any arrangement that includes a service or product of sizable value or a cash payment, it’s best to put together a contract. This contract should include:

  • Instagram post about experience or event, or in the case of product unboxing and use with your account tagged in picture and mentioned in caption

  • Instagram Stories about experience or event, unboxing or use with your user name tagged

  • Blog post with links to your website and major social accounts on the influencer’s website

  • What you will do to promote this collaboration in terms of: Instagram posts and Stories, blog post, etc.


Download our template contract for influencer marketing!