3. Stock Strategy


curating your collection


balance between stock + original content


Resizing + cropping workflows


If you belong to a franchise, group, or partnership that provides you with campaign stock images, count yourself lucky! Campaign stock images are a must-have for consistency, and provide structure and a framework for you to showcase your own work. Here are our guidelines for getting the best use of your campaign stock images.


Campaign Stock images typically include a broad range of content - for example, images to support the sale of a broad range of products and services. Step one is deciding which content is right for your business. You know your business better than anyone, and should have a grasp of which products and services are most popular for your location and market. We strongly suggest that you review sales trends from years previous to get a solid sense of what works per season.

Once you’ve determined what you’re promoting and what your current marketing objectives are, you’re ready to select the stock for your business from the collections provided. Choose the images best aligned with your business - keep in mind factors like:

  • Demographics: how many people in my market need this product / service?

  • Accessibility: is this a product / service that most people can afford, or is it something that would be a top-tier, luxury purchase among my offerings?

  • Revenue v. Profit: your most expensive services may not be your most profitable - or you may be in opposite position, where your most accessible products / services make you the least money. This is a must on your list of talking points with your accountant and business development consultants. While this is more an issue of good pricing, it is something to keep in mind when you define your priorities and marketing calendar. (In our opinion, it’s also an under-discussed issue in marketing and planning, which is why we’re including it here!)

Balanced Mix

At this point, you should have:

  • Your data-based marketing plan that defines how much priority you’re giving to each product / service you’re promoting, and the number of posts you should include each month per product / service

  • Your curated collection of Campaign Stock images from your vendor on this front

Your final step on this front is choosing how often you plan on posting your Original Content throughout the month. If anything, aim for half of whatever number just popped into your mind - be realistic and set a goal you can meet consistently month to month, busy season or not. For the majority of accounts, the following breakdown of posts featuring your Original Content is more than sufficient:

  • 1-2 Feed Posts x Week to Facebook + Instagram

  • 1-2 Sets Of Stories from your top work (3-4 Story Slides Each)

  • 1-2 Stories Live, or captured in Instagram mobile app


Your time is the only thing you can’t buy more of. Creating streamlined systems are a must, and (trust me) they will make you a happier, less frustrated, and more productive person! Here are our hacks for cutting down the time you spend on cropping and resizing your Original Content for web and social by 50%+!


  • In crop pre-sets, save your sizes for social media for stories and Instagram / Facebook feed! You may also want to include pre-sets for things like Facebook Banners or Facebook Ads. Our trick - save your crop pre-sets each time you do something for the first time, like cropping for a Facebook Ad or Page Banner.

  • Each week, set aside an hour for resizing and taking inventory of your original content. Before you start, note the different crop sizes you need for each image.


This is our approach and works well across most clients - feel free to add / modify to suit your specific needs!

  • Store your images cropped and resized for social in their own folder.

  • Within this folder, create sub-folders for each campaign, and subfolders within each campaign for Feed and Stories (and any other sizes you’re going to use).


  • Set aside time in your schedule to add scheduled posts to your queue. We suggest:

  • Scheduling the month of content from your Campaign Images collection first for the month (you can break into two sessions if you’re short on time)

  • Scheduling your original content once a week or bi-weekly



The copy (or text in caption) that you include with each post is a vast topic - we’ll be covering the high-level basics here. Captions on social media are important, but it’s the image that gets people to read your caption! Your caption should support the image, and capture the feeling or emotion of your visuals. For the most part, we suggest including any technical details - like item name or pricing - in your Call To Action (CTA).

Your CTA should be included in your caption below your inspirational copy. We suggest separating your CTA visually within your caption. Here is some common formatting examples - any character (like a period or emoji) can be used as a separator for a fun and playful touch! ✨



Inspirational caption…

Your call to action here! Directions on how to take CTA here (ie. Link In Bio, Click Book in Profile, etc.)


Inspirational Caption…
Your call to action here! Directions on how to take CTA here (ie. Click Book Now for more info!, Register on our website www.site.com)



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